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Committee on a Letter from Samuel Freeman



Mr˙ Speaker communicated to the House a Letter from Samuel Freeman, dated November 25, 1775, concerning goods that were stolen at the burning of Falmouth.

Read, and committed to Mr˙ Sullivan, Doctor Rice, and Colonel Sayer.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That three o' clock on Monday next, P˙ M˙, be assigned for the choice of a Committee to provide for erecting a Powder-Mill, and a Manufacturer of Gunpowder.

A Petition of Ebenezer Beal, setting forth, that he received a wound in assisting in the taking an armed Cutter in Machias-River, and is thereby disabled from providing for himself, and praying for support.

Read, and committed to the Committee for receiving Petitions of wounded men.

Colonel Whitcomb brought down a Report of the Committee on the Letter of Governour Trumbull.

Whereas representation has been made to the Court, that supplies of provision more than are necessary for internal consumption, and for such voyages as may be prosecuted consistent with the Resolves of Congress and the General Assembly of this Colony, have been lately shipped from this and the neighbouring Colonies for the Islands of Nantucket and Martha' s Vineyard. (B˙)

Resolved, That the Committee of Correspondence for the Town of Falmouth, in the County of Barnstable, be, and they hereby are directed forthwith to return to this Court a true copy, upon oath, of all permits which they have granted to the inhabitants of Nantucket, or any other person, or persons, in their behalf, for obtaining provisions from the inhabitants of this and the neighbouring Colonies, to supply said inhabitants of Nantucket. (C˙) And the Selectmen of the Town of Sherburne, on the Island of Nantucket, as also of each town on Martha' s Vineyard, are directed forthwith to make strict inquiry into the importation of provisions into the respective towns, since the 28th of September last; and of all provisions now into said towns; and to make returns thereof on oath to this Court as soon as may be: And the inhabitants of this Colony, and of the other United Colonies, are desired to withhold further supplies of provisions (D) from said Island, until the further recommendation of this Court; and the Printers of the Colonies aforesaid are respectively desired to cause this Resolve to be inserted in their newspapers.

Read, and concurred with amendments at B, C, and D, viz: At B insert, "and that the inhabitants of the said Island of Nantucket have abused the indulgence of the Court by supplying our enemies with such provisions &c˙, as were admitted to be transported to them for their internal consumption only." At C insert, "and to suspend granting any permits in future to the said inhabitants, or any person on their behalf, until the further order of this Court. At D insert, "fuel or other necessaries."

Ordered, That Mr˙ Story procure the above Resolve to be printed in the several publick Papers of this Colony, and a copy thereof conveyed to the Selectmen of


Sherlurne, in Nantuckek, and of the several towns in Martha' s Vineyard, and the Committee of Correspondence in Falmouth.

Mr˙ Gerry communicated an extract of a Letter from one of the Delegates of this Colony at the Continental Congress, inquiring what number of men in the Colony would engage as Marines; what vessels may be hired upon Government service, at what places others may be built, &c.

Read, and Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker, Mr˙ Gerry, and Colonel Orne, consider an answer to said Letter, and report.

The House then adjourned to Monday next, three o' clock, P˙M.