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Committee to take into consideration the removal of the Inhabitants from Boston


April 29, 1775.

A Vote of Provincial Congress was read, respecting the removal of the inhabitants of Boston; whereupon Colonel Orne, Mr˙ Devens, and Captain White, were appointed a Sub-Committee, to take the matter into consideration, and report as soon as may be.

Voted, That orders be sent into the neighbouring Towns, requiring one half of the Militia to be immediately sent into Roxbury and Cambridge, as a re-enforcement to our


Army, and that the rest of the inhabitants hold themselves in readiness to march at a minute' s warning; also,

Voted, That Mr˙ Watson, Captain White, and Colonel Gardner, be a Sub-Committee to report the Towns to be sent to, the destination of the re-enforcements, and the expresses to be despatched.

Voted, That the Secretary be directed to empower Expresses to press as many Horses as they may have occasion for.

Voted, That the Committee of Supplies, at Watertown, be directed to attend this Committee immediately, and that the Secretary write them accordingly.

Upon information that the supplies of Powder and Ball at Watertown were in the keeping of the Commissary-General,

Voted, That General Ward be desired to apply to the Commissary for such a quantity of said Stores as he may have occasion for.

Voted, That Dr˙ Isaac Foster be directed and empowered to remove all the sick and wounded, whose circumstances will admit of it, into the Hospital, and to supply proper beds and bedding, clothing, victuals, and furniture, with every other article that he shall judge proper for said Hospital, and that this be a sufficient order for him to draw on the Commissary for such articles as he can supply, and to draw orders on the Commissary for the payment of whatever expenses are necessary, for procuring the above-mentioned articles.

Voted, That the Secretary desire Messrs˙ Halls, printers, at Salem, to print three hundred Letters, to be sent to the several Towns in the Province.

Captain Benedict Arnold, with a Company, being arrived here from Connecticut,

Ordered, That the Commissary-General be directed to provide suitable Quarters for said Company.

Upon motion made, Voted, That orders be given to Gen˙ Thomas for seizing Governour Hutchinson' s Papers.

A Letter from General Thomas, respecting some Companies of Minute-Men at Dartmouth, was read; whereupon,

Voted, That Colonel Orne, Colonel Palmer, and Colonel Gardner, be a Sub-Committee to consider and give directions relative to the General' s request.

A Letter from Colonel Hancock, now at Worcester, was read; whereupon,

Voted, That four reams of Paper be immediately ordered to Worcester by Mr˙ Barber, for the use of Mr˙ Thomas, printer, he to be accountable .

Letter from Medford read; whereupon, Voted, That the Company now raised, hold themselves in readiness to march at a minute' s warning; remaining in Medford till further orders.

The Sub-Committee on Gen˙ Thomas' s Letter, reported, that it be ordered that Capt˙ Nathaniel Richmond, with any other Captain that can bring into the camp fifty-six men, including Sergeants, that will enlist into the service of this Colony, shall have the encouragement given by the Provincial Congress, and shall immediately enter into pay upon their enlistment. The critical situation of our publick affairs demand the utmost exertion of the friends of America, and should remissness now appear, the consequences may be fatal.

Voted, That Mr˙ Watson be desired to make, inquiry with respect to the Colony Arms not in use, and that Captain Gutteridge, of the Indian Company, have such a number as is desired.

Voted, That Colonel Gerrish be desired to send Major Dunbar, now a prisoner at Head-Quarters, to Woburn, under a strong guard, and order him to be there kept in safe custody, till further orders from this Committee.

Voted, That Captain Hill and Company be furnished with Provisions at any tavern they see fit to call at, in conveying Major Dunbar to a place of safety, at the expense of the Province.

Voted, That Captain Brown, of Watertown, be desired, upon any advice of the Troops coming out, to order the Cannon to a place of safety, and that for that purpose he be empowered, to press horses, cattle, &c.