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Letter from New-York Congress to Colonel Blackwell


In Provincial Congress, New-York, March 7, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The Congress being of opinion that it is absolutely necessary that the inhabitants of your County, who have signed the Association, and are friendly to the liberties of their country, should be formed into military companies and regimented, and be in a capacity of defending themselves if attacked; and, being informed that they have appointed a County Committee and likewise that Committees, are chosen in several Districts in your County, request that they carry the resolves of Congress for regulating the Militia into execution, and recommend suitable men for the Field-Officers.

The very great importance of the rights for which we are contending, added to the consideration of the present critical situation of our publick affairs, and the great probability that the enemy will endeavour to get possession of this Colony in the course of the spring, renders it totally unnecessary for us to urge any arguments with you on the subject. We doubt not you will exert yourselves to have these matters settled with all possible despatch in your County.

We remain your humble servants. By order. To Colonel Blackwell.