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Commissioners appointed to purchase all the Salt that shall be imported


The Honourable Mr˙ Bee and Mr˙ Attorney-General attending according to order, and being called in, took the oath prescribed by the Constitution, and their seats as members.

John Bull, Esquire, also took the oath prescribed by the Constitution, and his seat as a member for Prince William' s Parish.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Ralph Izard and Mr˙ Thomas Waring do examine and compare, with some member of the Legislative Council, an engrossed Ordinance to direct the manner of procuring Negroes to be employed in the publick service.

Mr˙ Izard reported that Mr˙ Waring and himself had, as ordered, examined and compared the Ordinance, and that they found it truly engrossed.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Waring and Mr˙ Izard do attend the President with the Ordinance, in order to have the seal affixed thereto, and to desire to know when his Excellency will please to receive this House, to present the same for his assent.

Mr˙ Waring reported that Mr˙ Izard and himself had delivered the Message they had in charge to the President, and that his Excellency was pleased to say he would receive this House in ten minutes in the Council Chamber.

Resolved, That the Commissioners appointed by this House on the 27th September last, to purchase a cargo of Salt arrived here in the Sloop Margaret, be, and they are hereby, authorized and required in like manner to purchase all other Salt that shall be imported here to the first day of December next, and to sell and distribute the Salt to be so purchased in the same manner and in such proportions as is directed by order of this House of the 2d instant.

Resolved, That the Commissioners of St˙ David' s Parish do take into their custody the Salt now in Mr˙ John Mitchells store at Cheraw Hill, paying for the same at the rate of fifty shillings currency per bushel; and that they sell and distribute the said Salt to and amongst such of the inhabitants of this State who have not lately received a dividend of the Salt in Charles-Town or at Winyah as shall apply for the same, in the proportion of one half-bushel to six white persons in a family.