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The German Battalion to march to join General Washington with all possible despatch


Sunday, December 1, 1776.

Congress, on a summons, met this day, when two Letters, of the 30th, from General Washington, at Brunswick, were read: Whereupon,

Resolved, That the Board of War be directed to order the German Battalion to march immediately to join General Washington, and that the said Board use every measure in their power to expedite their march with all possible despatch:

Resolved, That the Council of Safety of Pennsylvania be requested to take effectual measures for supplying Guards for the Publick Stores, &c˙, in the room of the German Battalion:

That the Secret Committee be directed to appoint one or more trusty persons, to proceed immediately to the Eastern States, and see that the Clothing and Stores, which have been ordered to be purchased for the Army, be collected and forwarded to the Army, with all possible despatch; and that the said person, or persons, have power to purchase, or cause to be purchased, such necessary Clothing as can be procured in those States, and to have it forwarded to the Army:

That General Washington be informed, he has the full approbation of Congress to order the Troops on the east side of Hudson' s River, over to the west side of that river, whenever he shall think it conducive to the publick service so to do:

That General Washington be directed to order the Clothes, which have been, or shall be sent to Head-Quarters, or to any of the Camps, to be distributed, first among such of the Soldiers as stand most in need of them:

That Mr˙ J˙ Mease be directed to purchase all the Hats and Caps he can procure, proper for Soldiers, and to employ as great a number of Tailors as possible in making up Clothes for Soldiers; and forward those articles, from time to time, as fast as ready, to General Washington:

That the Medical Committee be directed to take such steps, as they shall judge proper, for the accommodation of the sick of the Army.

Adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow.