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General Orders, July 27, 1775


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, July 27, 1775.

(Parole, Bedford.)

(Countersign, Guilford.)

John Trumbull, esq˙, being appointed Aid-de-Camp to his Excellency the Commander-in-Chief, he is to be obeyed as such.

A Court of Inquiry to sit to-morrow morning at eight o' clock in the tutor' s chamber, (Mr˙ Hall,) to examine into a complaint, exhibited upon oath in the publick newspapers, against Mr˙ Benjamin Whiting, now a prisoner in the college. All evidences, and persons concerned, to attend the Court.

For the future, when any deserters come to any of the out guards, they are, with the least delay, to be sent by a corporal' s guard to the next guard in the lines, who is immediately to escort them in the same manner to the Major-General commanding that division of the Army, who, as soon as he has examined them, will forthwith send them under a proper escort from his guard to the Head-Quarters. Some deserters being made drunk, who came last night from the enemy, before they reached Head-Quarters, it will be considered as a breach of orders in any person who gives rum to deserters, before they are examined by the General.

A subaltern officer' s guard to be mounted to-morrow morning at eight o' clock; at a certain distance from the Small-Pox Hospital; the officer to come this evening at six o' clock to the Adjutant-General for orders.