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Letter from William Watson to General Washington



Plymouth, November 29, 1775.

SIR: This per Captain Martindale' s Lieutenant, who comes to acquaint your Excellency that the people on board the Brigantine Washington are, in general, discontented, and have agreed to do no duty on board said vessel; and say that they enlisted to serve in the Army, and not as marines.

I believe Captain Martindale has done all in his power to make things easy. His people really appear to me to be a set of the most unprincipled, abandoned fellows I ever saw. Your Excellency knows in what manner to conduct in this matter. I am very apprehensive that little is to be expected from fellows drawn promiscuously from the Army for this business; but that if people were enlisted for the purpose of privateering, much might be expected from them.

I have just heard that Captain Coit is at Barnstable, driven in there by two men of war. He has sent an express to your Excellency, but I had not the pleasure of seeing him when he passed through this Town.

I am your Excellency' s most obedient, much obliged humble servant,


His Excellency General Washington.