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Cimmittee of Freehold, (Monmouth County,) New-Jersey



March 14, 1775, P˙ M.

The Committee of Observation for the Township of Freehold, in the County of Monmouth, New-Jersey, have made repeated applications to to the inhabitants of the Township of Shrewsbury; earnestly requesting and exhorting them to comply with the instructions of the late American Congress, in constituting for themselves a Committee of Observation, that they might conspire with their brethren in the other Towns belonging to the County, in executing the Resolves of said Congress; but, although they have entertained hopes, notwithstanding their former opposition, that they would do it at their stated annual town-meeting, they are, at this late hour, informed, that the said annual meeting of Shrewsbury is broke up without a Committee being chosen, or any one step taken whereby the least disposition is discovered of their being inclined to adopt the Resolutions of said Congress. They think it, therefore, their duty, however painful the declaration, to bear publick testimony against them.

And we do now unanimously enter into the following Resolve, viz: That from and after this day, during our continuance as a Committee, (unless they shall turn from the evil of their ways, and testify their repentance by adopting the measures of the Congress,) we will esteem and treat them, the said inhabitant' s of Shrewsbury, as enemies to their King and Country, and deserters from the common cause of true freedom; and we will hereafter break off all dealings and connection with them while they continue their opposition. We do furthermore recommend the same conduct towards them to our constituents, and all others; earnestly hoping it may be a means of reclaiming those deluged people to their duty and interest, whom we shall always be pleased to receive and treat as returning prodigals. Signed by order of the Committee,