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Letter from the Committee of Safety of Virginia to Lord Dunmore


After which Colonel Corbin, with the entire approbation of the Committee of Safety, proceeded with a flag of truce on board the Dunmore, to hear, what his Lordship had to propose on the subject-matter of his Letter. Colonel Corbin, on his return, informed the Committee he had read their Letter to him before Lord Dunmore, and in the presence of General Clinton; who said be believed there was nothing America could ask, in a constitutional way, that would not be granted, but if they relied on the General Congress, they had nothing to expect from Parliament. Upon this Colonel Corbin proposed to Lord Dunmore to grant a commission to the President for meeting the Assembly, at the time they had adjourned to, which his Lordship refused; so that his Letter cannot, as was proposed, be laid before the House of Burgesses, they having no right, by their Constitution, to proceed to any business without a representative of the Crown, nor did Lord Dunmore suggest any other mode in which a negotiation could be set on foot, in what he might call a constitutional way.