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Association adopted, and ordered to be sent to the several Counties


The Congress resumed the consideration of the form of an Association, which was reported in the morning; and, after certain amendments, approved the same, and ordered it to be entered, which is in the words following:

"We, the subscribers, freeholders and inhabitants of the Township of ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ , in the County of ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ , and Province of New-Jersey, having long viewed with concern the avowed design of the Ministry of Great Britain to raise a revenue in America; feeing deeply affected with the cruel hostilities already commenced in the Massachusetts-Bay for carrying that arbitrary design into execution; convinced that the preservation of the rights and privileges of America depends, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants, do, with hearts abhorring slavery, and ardently wishing for a reconciliation with, our Parent State, or constitutional principles, solemnly associate and resolve, under the sacred ties of virtue, honour, and love to our Country, that we will personally, and as far as our influence extends, endeavour to support and carry into execution whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental and our Provincial Congresses, for defending our Constitution, and preserving the same inviolate.

" We do also further associate and agree, as far as shall be consistent with the measures adopted for the preservation of American freedom, to support the Magistrates and other civil officers in the execution of their duty, agreeable to the laws of this Colony; and to observe the directions of our Committee, acting according to the Resolutions of the aforesaid Continental and Provincial Congresses; firmly determined, by all means in our power, to guard against those disorders and confusions to which the peculiar circumstances of the times may expose us."

Resolved, That copies of the above Association be immediately sent to the Committees of Observation or Correspondence in the several Counties in this Province, which have not already associated in a similar manner, in order that the same may be signed by the several inhabitants, accompanied with the following Letter, to be signed by the President:

GENTLEMEN: Anxiously desirous to promote, as far as possible, an union among the inhabitants of this Colony, we have thought proper to recommend to them the enclosed Association, which we desire may be immediately signed by the good people of your Township; that at a time when our most valuable privileges are invaded, we may, in a uniform manner, make our defence, and prevent the evils to which our unhappy situation exposes us.