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Orders, Oct. 17


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, October 17, 1775.

(Parole, Sawbridge.) (Countersign, Townsend.)

The Quartermaster-General will deliver to the Major of each Brigade, or his order, twenty great coats, for the use of the sentinels of each Brigade. As the Brigade-Major is to give his receipt for the same, he is to be answerable that they are regularly delivered from guard to guard.

Lieutenant Thomas Randall, of the Regiment of Artillery, tried at a late General Court-Martial, for "stabbing a Matross in the said Regiment." The Court are of opinion, that the prisoner is guilty of a breach of the forty-ninth Article of the Rules and Regulations of the Massachusetts Army; but, in consideration of the very insulting behaviour of the complainant, adjudge Lieutenant Randall only to receive a severe reprimand from the Colonel of the Regiment, at the head of the Company to which the prisoner belongs.