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Officers of the Army of this Colony disqualified from being Members of the Provincial Congress


Ordered, That Colonel Warren, Mr˙ Gardner and Mr˙ Sullivan be a Committee to bring in a Resolve, recommending it to the inhabitants of this Colony not to choose any person to represent them in Congress, who has a Commission in the Army.

The Committee made the following Report; which was read:

In Provincial Congress, May 18, 1775.

Whereas, in all free States, the sword should be subservient to, and under the control of the civil powers of Government; from whence arises the impropriety of the Officers of the Army of this Colony being members of the Congress to be held therein: and whereas, it is absolutely


necessary that every Officer of the Army aforesaid constantly attend his duty therein:

Therefore, Resolved, That it be, and it is hereby recommended to the several Towns in this Colony that they do not return to the next Congress, to be held here, any Officer of the Army, as a member of said Congress.