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Marching Orders to Colonel Webb


Cambridge, March 15, 1776.

Marching Orders for Colonel CHARLES WEBB, commanding the Nineteenth Regiment of Foot.

SIR: You are to proceed with the Regiment under your command to Norwich, in Connecticut, according to the route annexed. In case of extreme bad weather, or other unforeseen accidents, you are obliged to halt a day or more between this place and Norwich, you will acquaint Brigadier-General Heath, who is appointed to the command of the Brigade now under marching orders, and receive and follow his directions. You will immediately apply to Commissary-General Trumbull and to Quartermaster-General Colonel Mifflin, for an order for carriages and provisions for your march to Norwich. Upon your arrival there, Brigadier-General Heath has his Excellency the Commander-in-Chief' s directions for the further disposal of the Brigade.

His Excellency expects you will preserve good order, and exact discipline upon your march, carefully preventing all pillaging, marauding, and every kind of ill-usage or insult to the inhabitants of the country. As the motions of the enemy and the advanced season of the year make it of the utmost consequence that not a moment should be lost that can possibly be made use of upon your march, the General, depending upon your zeal, experience, and good


conduct, is satisfied that on your part no vigilance will be wanting.

Given at Head-Quarters, Cambridge, this 15th of March, 1776.

HORATIO GATES, Adjutant-General.

Route. — From Roxbury to Mann' s, twenty-two miles; to Providence, nineteen miles; to Green' s, twenty miles; to Burnham' s, twenty miles; to Norwich, twelve miles — ninety-three miles.