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Richard Varick to General Gates



Fort George, November 7th, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: On Sunday last, General Schuyler being informed of the scarcity of flour with the Army, ordered Major Rensselaer and myself to repair to the communication between Half-Moon and this place, to order the flour, amounting to above twelve hundred barrels, then at the different posts, to be forwarded instanter.

After having given the proper orders below, I came to this place yesterday, and found above four hundred and fifty barrels lying here, for want of men to navigate the batteaus; and on pressing the matter to Colonel Gansevoort, he assured me that he had not a man to spare from his garrison, who are not continually employed in procuring wood for the general hospital, in scouts, and mounting the different guards. Little assistance can be expected from our Militia. I would therefore ask the liberty to request you to send a party of men from Tyonderoga, to carry the provisions across the lake.


As the enemy have decamped, the Army will be in a situation to be mustered very soon. I have sent to the Quartermaster-General for paper, &c˙; hope to find it at Albany on my return thither.

You may be assured, my dear sir, that I shall make no unnecessary delay in entering on the duties of my office. I hope soon to have the honour of paying you a visit.

I am, my dear General, your most obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable Major-General Gates.