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Mar.1, Captains for the Riflemen


In Congress, Friday, March 1, 1776.

The Congress met.
And the Journal of yesterday was read.

The Congress proceeded to ballot for the Captains in the Second Regiment of Riflemen.

And the ballots being reckoned, the following gentlemen were declared duly elected, by majority of votes, viz: Samuel Taylor, James Duff, George Wade, Richard Richardson, Jun˙, and William Brown, Esquires.

Resolved, That no Vessels whatsoever shall pass any armed posts in the Rivers and Inlets, or on the Coast of this Colony, until a satisfactory account shall have been given of them at such posts; and that publick notice be given of this Resolution.

Resolved, That publick notice be given that a Commissary-General is wanted; and that the nomination of that officer be by the Council of Safety.

The Honourable Mr˙ Lowndes, with Colonel Parsons, being returned from Georgia, Mr˙ Lowndes reported, that he, with Colonel Parsons and Captain Savage, having found the Congress of that Colony dissolved, they made every representation to the Council of Safety to induce them to co-operate with this Colony in continuing the Non-Exportation Resolution of the Continental Congress; that the Council represented to them the great opposition, in Savannah, to the measures of Congress, which had not entered into any decisive resolve on that head; but that they would do everything in their power to co-operate with us; and, in short, that it was their opinion, unless this Colony interfered in a forcible manner, exportation would speedily take place.

Ordered, That the thanks of this Congress be returned to the Honourable Mr˙ Lowndes, Colonel Parsons, and Captain Savage, for the zeal and diligence they have exerted in the discharge of the business for which they were delegated by this Congress to go to Georgia.

And thanks were accordingly returned to those gentlemen.

Resolved, That Colonel Bull, in addition to the detachments in Savannah, from the Regiment under his command, do forthwith, from the most convenient parts of Greenville County, march as many men, including the draft already ordered for Charlestown, to reinforce those detachments, as he shall think proper. And that Colonel Pinckney do immediately detach, not exceeding one hundred men, such as shall offer themselves volunteers, from the Militia now in Charlestown, and cause them to be conveyed or marched to Savannah, to join the forces under the orders of the Commanding Officer from this Colony.

Ordered, That Mr˙ President, the Hon. Mr˙ Lowndes, and Mr˙ John Rutledge, be a Committee to prepare a form of Orders proper to be given to Colonel Bull.

Resolved, That one Paymaster be appointed for the two Regiments of Riflemen resolved to be raised.

Resolved, That this Congress will immediately proceed to ballot for a Paymaster for the two Regiments of Riflemen.

And that officer being balloted for accordingly, Richard Mercer, Esq˙, was declared, by a majority of votes, duly elected.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow.