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Appointment of Aids-de-Camp to the Generals


Voted, That the Quartermaster-General be directed to order nine Horses, in the Colony service, to be stabled at Mr˙ Hastings' s barn this night.

Mr˙ Thomas Williams, on the Colony; service to Marblehead, had an order on the Taverners and Innholders for the necessary supply of Provisions for man and horse.

Colonel Woodbridge having satisfied this Committee that eight Companies belonging to his Regiment were in good forwardness, it was recommended to the honourable Congress that they be commissioned accordingly.

Ordered, That Mr˙ James Monroe, an armourer in the Province service, take into his keeping a parcel of old iron, saved out of the Cutter burned, at Winnisimit Ferry, he to be accountable to the Committee for the same.

Stephen Frost, Ensign in Captain Lock' s Company of Colonel Gardner' s Regiment, was recommended to the honourable Congress for a commission.


Two half barrels of Powder were received from Billerica, for which Colonel Palmer gave a receipt; said Powder was delivered Major Barber of the Train.

Whereas, a great number of Horses have been from time to time put into the stables and yard at Mr˙ Hastings' s, at Head-Quarters, not belonging to the Colony, to the Committee of Safety, or the General Officers, their Aids-de-Camp, or Post-Riders, to the great expense of the publick and inconvenience of the Committee, Generals, &c˙; therefore,

Resolved, That no Horses be hereafter admitted into said stables or yard, or be taken from thence, but only by order of said Committee or General Officers.

As it is thought of great importance that intelligence of the state and situation of the Army, or any part thereof, should, at all times, be known to the General Officers, and that such orders as may be sent by the Generals may be communicated with all speed; therefore,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the honourable Congress, that they make such establishment for Aids-de-Camp to the Generals, as to them in their wisdom shall seem meet.