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General Schuyler to General Washington



Ticonderoga, November 7, 1775.

MY DEAR GENERAL: I had prepared an answer to your last, which I received three days ago; but as it was not copied, and having this moment received the agreeable intelligence of the reduction of St˙ John' s, I would not withhold from your Excellency so interesting an account, for a letter which I may hereafter send. I only enclose copies of General Montgomery' s letter, and of the papers that were enclosed in it.

Mr˙ Montgomery' s merit is the more, on account of the difficulties he has had to encounter. What these are, the answer to your Excellency' s, above alluded to, will point out.

I beg leave to congratulate you on this happy event, which I hope will be followed by the reduction of all Canada, especially should Colonel Arnold get down to the St˙ Lawrence.

Believe me, my dear General, that, with all those sentiments which flow from unfeigned esteem, I am your Excellency' s most obedient and most humble servant,


General Washington.