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A Declaration of Rights and Fundamental Rules of the Delaware State, formerly styled the Government of the Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, upon Delaware



We are informed by authority that the honourable the Convention of the Delaware State, which was elected on the 19th day of August last, for the special purpose of "ordaining and declaring the future form of Government of that State," met at Newcastle on the 27th day of the same month, and having furnished their quota of the Flying-Camp, and ordered another battalion to be forthwith raised, under the command of Colonel Samuel West, to reinforce the army of the United States of America, and having also finished the work for which they were particularly chosen, they dissolved themselves on the 21st instant.

The names of the Members for NEW-CASTLE County: Nicholas Van Dyke, Richard Cantwell, Alexander Porter,


John Thompson, Abraham Robinson, Thomas McKean, George Read, John Evans, John Lea, John Jones.

KENT County: Thomas Collins, Charles Ridgely, James Sykes, Richard Bassett, Jacob Stout, John Cook, Samuel West, John Clarke, Thomas White, Richard Lockwood.

SUSSEX County: Jacob Moore, James Rench, Isaac Bradley, John Wiltbank, Isaac Horsey, William Polke, Joshua Hill, Peter Hubbert, Phillips Kollock, Alexander Laws.

The Hon˙ George Read, Esq˙, was unanimously chosen President, and Mr˙ James Booth Clerk, of the Convention.