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Considered again in Committee of the Whole


Friday, October 13, 1775.

Agreeable to the Order of the Day, the Congress resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into their further consideration the state of the Trade of the United Colonies; and after some time spent therein, the President resumed the chair, and Mr˙ Ward reported, from the Committee, that they had taken the matter referred to


them into consideration, but not having come to a conclusion, desired leave to sit again.

A Letter from General Washington, dated 5th of October, with sundry enclosed papers, being received, was read.

The Congress taking into consideration the Report of the Committee appointed to prepare a plan for intercepting Vessels coming out with Stores and Ammunition, and alter some debate,

Resolved, That a swift sailing Vessel, to carry ten carriage guns, and a proportionable number of swivels, with eighty men, be fitted, with all possible despatch, for a cruise of three months; and that the commander be instructed to cruise Eastward, for intercepting such transports as may be laden with warlike stores and other supplies for our enemies, and for such other purposes as the Congress shall direct.

That a Committee of three be appointed, to prepare an estimate of the expense, to be laid before the Congress, and to contract with proper persons to fit out the Vessel.

Resolved, That another Vessel be fitted out for the same purposes, and that the said Committee report their opinion of a proper Vessel, and also an estimate of the expense.

The ballots being taken and examined, the following members were chosen, viz: Mr˙ Deane, Mr˙ Langdon, and Mr˙ Gadsden.

Resolved, That the remainder of the Report be referred for further consideration to Monday next.

On motion made, the Congress took into consideration the Memorials of sundry Merchants of New-York and Philadelphia, respecting a quantity of Tea imported before the 1st of March last, and

Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed, to take the above Memorials into consideration, and inquire into the state offsets, and report to the Congress.

The ballots being taken and examined, the following members chosen, viz: Mr˙ J˙ Rutledge, Mr˙ S˙ Adams, Mr˙ J˙ Adams, Mr˙ Ward, and Mr˙ Lee.

The several matters referred to this day were postponed till to-morrow.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow.