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Petition of Committee of Newburyport



In Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, Newburyport, 3d October, 1776.

To the honourable the Council of the State of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY:

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOURS: The bearer, Captain George Evans, in the brigantine Necessity, was sent into this port the 27th ultimo by the privateer Hancock, Captain Wingate Newman, of Philadelphia. The owners of the privateer have discharged Captain Evans and his brigantine. He was bound from Bermudas to Liverpool, in Nova-Scotia, loaded with two thousand bushels of salt, five hogsheads of molasses, and twenty barrels of limes; he was from thence to carry lumber, masts, &c˙, to Bermuda. His vessel, by the register, appears to have been condemned in an Admiralty Court at Bermuda last March, and is here reported to belong to Mr˙ Beveridge, of Philadelphia. Now we beg your Honours' direction whether said Captain Evans shall here unload and sell his cargo, and whether he shall be permitted afterwards to load with any thing that may be shipped from hence to foreign parts; also, whether your Honours think it proper Mr˙ Beveridge should be informed of the vessel' s being here brought in, and whether you will order your Secretary to give this information, or leave it to this Committee to do. Your answer by the return of Captain Evans will be punctually attended to, by your Honours' very obedient servant.

In behalf and per order of the Committee, JACOB BOARDMAN, Chairman P˙ T.

IN COUNCIL, October 8, 1776. — Read, and thereupon Ordered, That Benjamin Austin and Henry Gardner, Esqs˙, be a Committee to take the above Petition info consideration, and report.

JOHN AVERY, Deputy Secretary.