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Letter from General Gates to General Schuyler: Enclosing examination and capitulation of Anthony Hasselaband, a deserter from Colonel Riedesel' s regiment of Dragoons


September 8, 1776. — The grindstones are just arrived, but no musket cartridge paper. The enclosed letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Gansevoort, obliges me to send Colonel Phinney' s New-Hampshire regiment to Fort George, to batteau the flour from thence. This regiment came lately from Boston, where they were all inoculated and cleansed from the small-pox. At the same time as you order a detachment from below to Lake George, you will order Colonel Phinney, upon his being relieved, to return to this post. No intelligence that can be depended upon has yet arrived from the fleet. Scouts and parties are out, both by land and by water, to make discoveries. This moment two hogsheads with cartridge paper are arrived from Fort George. The paper is rather too thick for musket cartridges, and too thin for cannon — but it must do until we get better. I am, &c˙,


To Major-General Schuyler.