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Recantation of Hugh Cahoon



At a meeting of the Committee of St˙ George' s Hundred, in New-Castle County, at the Trap, the 21st August, 1775, Mr˙ Peter Hyett being in the chair, when Mr˙ Hugh Cahoon attended, and signed the following Recantation, which was voted satisfactory, viz:

Whereas I have some time since frequently made use of rash and imprudent expressions with respect to the conduct of my worthy countrymen now struggling in the most noble cause of liberty: I do therefore take this opportunity publickly to declare, that my expressions have proceeded from a very contracted knowledge of the British Constitution and the just rights of human nature, and am now sensible of my acting entirely wrong, for which I am extremely sorry, and humbly ask forgiveness of the publick, upon assurance


of my solemn promise to conduct myself for the future in such manner as shall be approved of by my countrymen, in promoting to the utmost of my power, and heartily approving the different resolves and modes prescribed by our honourable Continental Congress, for the preservation of American freedom, which I now plainly see is attempted to be rooted out of this Country by a corrupted Ministry. I hope this publick acknowledgment of my errour, and a full conviction of the justice and legality of the cause, will wipe off the just resentments that my former bad conduct have raised against me, and induce the publick to believe me determined, as I am for the future, to stand forth for freedom and the good of this Country.