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Field-Officers of the First, or New-York Regiment


The President informed the Congress that General Schuyler had been under the necessity to send the messenger (who was provided yesterday) to Philadelphia, and therefore was under a necessity of having another messenger to go to Albany, which the President was desired to order and to pay, in pursuance of the former order of this Congress.

Mr˙ Walter Livingston has leave of absence.

Ordered, That Messrs˙ Verplanck, Van Zandt, and Beekman, be a Committee for auditing all accounts that may be brought into this Congress, and that the report of them, or any two of them, on any account of the sum that ought to be paid thereon, shall be a sufficient warrant to the President to pay the same.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the arrangement of the Battalions. And thereupon,

Agreed and Ordered, That the New-York Regiment be considered as the First Regiment, and have rank accordingly.

Albany, Ulster, and Tryon Counties dissented.

The Congress then unanimously approved of Alexander McDougall for Colonel, Rudolphus Ritzma for Lieutenant-Colonel, and John Brogden for Adjutant of the First Regiment.

A Letter from General Schuyler was read, requesting a small Committee from this Congress to meet him as soon as possible. Thereupon,

Ordered, That General Montgomerie, Mr˙ Hicks, and Mr˙ Clarkson be a Committee to wait on General Schuyler immediately, and bring their report in writing.

Agreed and Ordered, That Colonel Rooseboom' s Regiment be the Second Regiment, and take rank accordingly.

The Congress unanimously agreed and approved of Myndert Rooseboom for Colonel, Goosie Van Schaack, Lieutenant-Colonel, Barent T˙ Ten Eyck, Adjutant, and John W, Wendal, Quartermaster of the Second Regiment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gabriel W˙ Ludlow pay into the hands of Peter Van Brugh Livingston, esq˙, the balance of the money subscribed on the publick faith, and by him collected; and that the receipt of the said Peter Van Brugh Livingston be a sufficient discharge to Mr˙ Ludlow for the same.

Samuel Cook, Ebenezer Haviland, and John Williams were respectively approved as Surgeons, if they respectively shall be found properly and sufficiently qualified for those stations, and that they be examined by the Doctors John Jones and Samuel Bard, who are requested to make such examination.

Agreed and Ordered, That Colonel Clinton' s Regiment be the Third Regiment, and take rank accordingly.

The Congress then unanimously approved of Col˙ James Clinton for Colonel, Edward Flemming for Lieutenant Colonel, and Cornelius D˙ Wynkoop for Major of the Third Regiment.