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Governour Cooke to James Bowdoin



Providence, December 7, 1776 — five o' clock, p˙m.

SIR: By expresses and other channels, I have certain intelligence that between ten and eleven o' clock, a˙m˙,


thirty sail of ships were seen coming into the harbour of Newport, and that upwards of one hundred sail were between two and three o' clock between Canonical and the main land, steering directly up the river. The General Court must be fully apprised of our dangerous situation, and of the fatal consequences of the enemy' s effecting a lodgment upon the Continent, and need not any argument to excite them to exert the force of Massachusetts-Bay upon this most important occasion, upon the event of which the fate of America may depend. I must request that the forces you send may be furnished with arms, ammunition, blankets, and such provisions as they can bring. You will also take the necessary measures to send provisions, &c, to supply them, as this State cannot afford more than is sufficient for the forces of this State. We may be attacked before morning, therefore the utmost expedition is necessary.

In great haste, I am, sir, your most obedient servant,


Honourable James Bowdoin, Esq.