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New-York Committee


New-York Committee Chamber,

May 29, 1775.

Whereas, the publick service of the Colony may render large supplies of the following articles absolutely necessary, upon sudden emergencies, this Committee doth therefore recommend to all our fellow citizens who are possessed of any Osnaburghs, Ravens Duck, brown Russia Sheeting, brown Drilling, striped and plain Blankets, eight-quarter green and spotted Rugs, coarse Woollens, barrelled Beef, barrelled Pork, or tin Plates, not to dispose of them until the Provincial Congress shall determine on the expediency of detaining them for our own use. And it is also recommended, that the owners of said articles make reports of the quantities that they have on hand, to the Chairman, Deputy-Chairman, or Secretary of this Committee, within six days from this date. By order of the Committee:

HENRY REMSEN, Deputy Chairman.