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Committee to examine Captain Asa Douglas, Report of his examination


The Congress were informed that Asa Douglas, who came to General Washington with the Deposition of Silas Howard, and the other Papers which were laid before this Congress this morning, has some material intelligence to communicate to this Congress. They directed him to be brought in. The said Asa Douglas signified to the President that he has material matters to mention, but could more freely confer with the Committee of the House appointed for that purpose.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Mr˙ Morris and Mr˙ Cuyler be a Committee to examine Captain Asa Douglas, and to report to this Congress the information they may obtain from him.

Mr˙ Randall informed the Congress that Colonel Curtenius has four Muskets of a particular kind, unfit for soldiers' use, which would be very useful and necessary on board of the private vessel of war named Putnam.

Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius deliver to Thomas Randall, Esq˙, or his order, four Muskets, such as Mr˙ Randall may choose, for the use of the armed Schooner Putnam.

Mr˙ Morris reported that Mr˙ Cuyler and himself had heard Captain Douglas; that Captain Asa Douglas says, in substance; that great weight is to be given to those Affidavits which he had brought from King' s District, though the names of the witnesses are concealed; that he and another person, by talking to a neighbour of his who had long been suspected to be unfriendly, they impressed on him a religious dread of his conduct, and obtained from him some information which afforded a clew, and they pursued it farther; that Silas Howard was afraid to go home after he was sworn, and that, at his request, the Committee had sent him to Hartford; that he (Douglas) believed General Schuyler innocent of what is alleged against him, but that through a bad opinion of the General, the people in his Colony (Massachusetts-Bay) will not inlist; that General Schuyler ought not to be trusted, lest he should deceive the country; and, finally, that if this Congress will give him (the said Asa Douglas) an order, he will march ten thousand men to Albany in a few days, to obey the command of this Congress. And that this is the burden of his song.