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Colonel Arnold to General Schuyler



St˙ Mary' s, four leagues from Point Levi, November 7, 1775.

DEAR SIR: I wrote you the 13th of October, from the Dead River, advising you of my being there with a large detachment of the American Army, and that I expected to reach Quebeck in about a fortnight. The badness of the roads and weather prevented making the despatch I expected, and I am but just arrived here. Near one-third of the detachment returned from the Dead River short of provisions; the remainder are here, or within two days' march, and in good spirits. My letter of the 13th I sent by an Indian, who I believe has betrayed me, and given it up to some of the King' s officers, as I find they have been some time apprized of our coming and prepared to receive us, and I have received no answer. The canoes belonging to the French people on this side the river are all taken away or destroyed, to prevent our passing. This inconvenience is obviated, as we have those of our own. I am


informed there are two frigates lying before Quebeck. We have been very kindly received by the inhabitants, who appear very friendly, and willing to supply us with provisions. I intend crossing the St˙ Lawrence, if possible, in two or three days, and, if practicable, to attack the City; though I am fearful of their being re-enforced from Montreal, which may possibly put it out of my power; in which case I intend to march for Montreal, where I hope, if you have not already taken possession, I shall have the pleasure of seeing you. I make no doubt of every advice and assistance in your power.

I am, dear Sir, very respectfully, your most humble servant,


To General Schuyler.