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Resolve prohibiting the needless expense of Gunpowder


Saturday, August 12, 1775.

A Memorial from the Town of Salem. Read, and committed to Mr˙ Gerry, Deacon Rawson, and Colonel Orne.

Ordered, That the Memorial of the Selectmen of the Town of Salem, respecting the replacing of the Powder which they had lent to the Colony, be committed to the aforementioned Committee.

The Report of the Committee appointed to draw up a Resolve to prevent the needless expense of Gunpowder, was read and accepted.

Whereas there has been a frequent firing of small-arms in divers parts of this Colony, whereby many of the inhabitants have been needlessly alarmed, and much Ammunition unnecessarily expended: therefore,

Resolved, That it be, and it hereby is, recommended to the inhabitants of this Colony not to fire a gun at beast, bird, or mark, without real necessity therefor; and it is recommended to the Selectmen and Committees of Correspondence and Inspection in the several Towns and Districts in this Colony, to use their endeavours that the spirit of this Resolve be strictly and faithfully adhered to, and that this Resolve be published in the several newspapers.

In Council, August 12, 1775: Read and concurred.

The Petition of Mr˙ Dolliver, one of the Selectmen of the Town of Marblehead, was read; and

Ordered, That the Petitioner have leave to withdraw his Petition.

The Report of the Committee on the Petition of a number of Recruiting Officers in General Ward' s Regiment, was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Ordered, That the Secretary be directed to attend the House, to inform the House if the honourable Board have passed upon the Resolve respecting the Commissary-General' s supplying the Army with Provision, without having regard to any contract of the Committee of Supplies.

Ordered, That a Committee of three persons be chosen by ballot, to receive the Clothing for the Army, collected agreeable to the directions of the Congress of the 19th of June and the 9th of July, and that three o' clock this afternoon be the time assigned for that service.