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Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman at Bordeaux



Doctor Franklin arrived at Nantz, in France, on the 7th instant, in a ship of sixteen guns, and has gone to Paris. His business, which must certainly be very important, is matter of much speculation among the French. I am very glad he has got here safe, as his superiour abilities and experience will probably at this juncture be of the greatest advantage to America. The ship brought in two prizes with her, taken in the bay. The French are now, and have been for four months past, preparing both by sea and land. Their marine force is at this day very formidable, and the Spaniards are not much behind them. A war with Spain and Portugal is thought to be unavoidable; should that take place, France and England will necessarily be engaged in it. The arrival of Dr˙ Franklin will probably hasten it. It is very confidently reported, and said to come from good authority, that Russia has engaged to furnish England with twenty thousand men for the American service in the spring. France and Spain will not, I think, see this, and remain idle spectators. The Dutch, who are attached to their interest, seem very generally disposed to retard and clog the Americans, both in their publick and private business, as much as they can. Lord Chatham is said to be very near his end. We have not yet heard of the fate of King' s Bridge. The French and Spaniards will greatly rejoice to hear of a decisive action in favour of America. Hope they will soon have that pleasure. Hearing that lead was much wanted in America, induced me to purchase so large a quantity; should there be occasion for it, I hope it will do good execution.