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Letter from Jonas Fay


Ticonderoga, June 28, 1775.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: Agreeable to your motion and encouragement when present at this place, together with a view of quickening the minds of the soldiers of my Company, I herewith present you with an account of the several proportions of time each person named in the payroll have actuary served in my Company in the present northern expedition, together with the several capacities in which they have severally served, and have endeavoured, to the utmost of my ability, to exhibit it with impartiality and exactness. And if any mistake is found in exhibiting the particular sum of the different capacity in which either has served, I hope it will be imputed solely to inadvertence, as I have not a form of the establishment of the Massachusetts-Bay at command; therefore, should you find, on examination, any mistake of the kind, beg the favour you would please to make such additions to, or substractions from, as is equitable, agreeable to the form as established for that Province.

I have received seven Pounds and four Shillings, and my Lieutenant, Mr˙ Satterlee, sixteen Pounds and eight Shillings, amounting, in the whole, to twenty-three Pounds and twelve shillings, lawful money, from Colonel Arnold, for the use of the soldiers in my Company, which you will either please to deduct from the foot of the pay-bill, and discharge me for the same from him, or send the whole Contents, with directions to me to repay him, which I shall readily comply with, which I humbly submit to your wisdom.

I have sent no account in the pay-bill for extra expense in enlisting a Company, for billeting, and otherwise supplying my soldiers in a forced march, &c˙, nor included any allowance therein for good Mr˙ Satterlee' s extra fatigue and faithfulness as Adjutant of the Regiment; but leave it to some future period, not doubting such ample reward will be made as is provided for others in like capacity in your Government.

Your paying the amount of the pay-bill to Lieutenant William Satterlee, the bearer, with his receipt on the back therefor, shall be your sufficient discharge for so much received for the use of my Company, and the favours shall be ever gratefully acknowledged by, gentlemen, your most obedient and very humble servant,


By order and in behalf of SAMUEL HERRICK, Captain Honourable Walter Spooner, Jedediah Foster, and James Sullivan, Esquires, Committee, &c˙, for the Province of Massachusetts-Bay.