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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee of Baltimore Town, at Daniel Grant' s, this 5th December, 1774:

Present; Samuel Purviance, William Smith, James Calhoun, William Spear, Hercules Courtenay, William Buchanan, Robert Alexander, John Smith, Major Thomas Franklin, Andrew Buchanan, Thomas Harrison, Mark Alexander, John Boyd, John Moale, Gerard Hopkins, George Lindenbergor, Francis Sanderson, and David McMeahen.


This Committee made choice of Samuel Purviance, as Chairman, and William Smith, as a Deputy-Chairman, to be continued as such; and they also chose Doctor John Boyd, as Clerk.

On motion, the following question was put: Whether a Vessel arriving within the Capes of Chesapeake, on or before the first of December, be an importation within the first Resolve of the Congress, or not?

Resolved in the affirmative, 13 — 3.

Captain Charles Reiley, of the Ship Charles, from Liverpool, appeared before the Committee, and declared, on oath, that he was, on the 30th of November, at half-past one o' clock, abreast of Cape-Henry, and that he came to an anchor the same day in Lynhaven-Bay. He declares that he had no goods on board but Salt, Coal, Cordage, and Linens; and that he did not lade or bring in any Tea.

The Committee are of opinion that this is an importation within the terms of their Resolve. A Letter from the Committee of Harford to this Committee, desiring information concerning a Chest of Tea, sold by Joseph Magoffin to Robert Trimble, being laid before us, Mr˙ Magoffin appeared, and declared, on oath, that he received it from Philadelphia, and had reason to think, and verily believed, the same never paid duty in America; which being deemed satisfactory, it was directed to inform the Committee of Harford thereof.