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Committee of Safety authorized to exercise the same powers in appointing Officers and granting and refusing Commissions


A Return from William Smith and Josiah Smith, two of the Committee of Suffolk County, and members of the sub-Committees of St˙ George' s and Meritches, which was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Manor St˙ George, December 15, 1775.

"GENTLEMEN: There has inlisted, as Minute-Men, seventy able-bodied men, within the bounds or Brookhaven, Smithtown, Manor St˙ George, and the Patentship of Meritches, who have chosen Daniel Roe, of Brookhaven, their Captain; Hugh Smith, of Meritches, their First Lieutenant; Caleb Brewster, their Second, of Brookhaven; and their Ensign Ebenezer Phillips, of Smithtown. And, as Hugh Smith and David Fanning, the First and Second Lieutenants of the Third Company in Brookhaven, whereof Nathan Rose is Captain, have inlisted in the Minute service, the Company have chosen John Smith, of the Manor St˙ George, their First Lieutenant; William Baker, of Brookhaven, their Second Lieutenant; and Doxey Lane, of the Manor of St˙ George,their Ensign.

"The choice of each of the above companies was made in presence of us, the subscribers, who are of the Committee.

"The Minute-Men, (who there appears to be great need of to still intestine disaffection to our common cause,) want powder, balls, guns, drum, colours, and other necessaries, which here are not to be had; and, if to be bought, a great part of the company are not able to purchase. Your supply or direction in these points will be agreeable to your humble servants,

"P˙ S. Pray let the commissions be handed down soon."

"The President of the Provincial Congress now sitting in New-York."

Ordered, That Commissions be issued to those gentlemen accordingly.

The first paragraph of the powers of the Committee of Safety, relating to Militia Commissions, was read and explained, and sundry debates thereon; and, thereupon

Resolved and agreed, That the Committee of Safety have the same powers, as to the nomination and election of Officers, and the granting and refusing of Commissions to Officers of every rank, as this Provincial Congress while sitting.