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Orders by General Washington



Head-Quarters, Cambridge, September 8, 1775.

(Parole, Edington.) (Countersign, Falkland.)

Captain Perry, of Colonel Walker' s Regiment, tried at a General Court-Martial, whereof Colonel Alden was President, for "permitting persons to pass the lines on Boston Neck" is found guilty of the crimes laid to his charge, but, from alleviating circumstances, is sentenced only to be severely reprimanded at the head of his Regiment. The General approves the sentence, and orders it to be put in execution accordingly.

The detachment going under the command of Colonel Arnold, to be forthwith taken off the roll of duty, and to march this evening to Cambridge Common, where tents and every thing necessary are provided for their reception. The Rifle Company at Roxbury, and those from Prospect-Hill, to march early to-morrow morning, to join the above detachment. Such officers and men as are taken from General Green' s Brigade, for the above detachment, are to attend the muster of their respective Regiments to-morrow morning,


at seven o' clock, upon Prospect-Hill; when the muster is finished, they are forthwith ro rejoin the detachment at Cambridge.