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Report on Granting Assistance to the Town of Falmouth


Michael Farley, Esq˙, brought down a Report on the Memorial from the Committee of Safety from North-Yarmouth and New-Gloucester.

Read and accepted, as taken into a new draught, and is as follows:

That it is necessary some assistance should be granted to the Town of Falmouth at this distressing time. And in order thereto, they apprehend that some suitable person should be appointed by this Court to take the command of the whole of the men stationed on the sea-coasts in the County of Cumberland, and that he should order such intrenchments or fortifications to be erected, for their defence and protection, as he shall think proper; and that he retain two Companies at Falmouth constantly; and, in case of any emergency, that he cause the Militia thereabouts to be alarmed and mustered, and, when mustered, to be under his command and direction, and to be discharged, as soon as the service will admit.

That three barrels of Powder, lately arrived at the eastward, in Captain Johnson, of Newburyport, and one hundred of the effective Arms brought by him, be transported to Falmouth, and delivered to such person as shall as aforesaid be appointed, to be by him used in defending and protecting the said Town, and in annoying the enemy; he to be accountable to this Court for the same.

Benjamin White, Esq˙, brought down a Report on Gen˙ Washington' s Letter, concerning the necessity of making some assistance to Gloucester.

Read, and ordered to be recommitted.