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Military dispatch


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, August 21, 1775.

(Parole, Norfolk.)

(Countersign, Oporto.)

The Court of Inquiry ordered to sit yesterday, upon Colonel Ebenezer Bridge, to sit this day at three o' clock, P˙M.

Michael Berry, tried by a late General Court-Martial, for "stealing a hat from Captain Waterman," is found guilty; and sentenced to receive thirty lashes; but, in consideration of his long confinement, the Genetal pardons the prisoner.

General Sullivan' s Brigade to be mustered to-morrow. The Muster-Master General to begin with the Regiment posted on the left of the lines, exactly at six o' clock; with the next Regiment on the left at seven, and so on until the whole are mustered. The field and staff officers of each Regiment are to be mustered in the eldest Captain' s Company; and such as were draughted to the Regiment of Artillery are to be mustered only to the day they were draughted: the Regiment of Artillery to muster them from that time.

A Sergeant, Corporal and nine men to mount guard tomorrow morning, at Mr˙ Fainweather' s house, lately converted into an hospital. The Sergeant to receive his orders from Dr˙ Church, director of the hospital.