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Braintree, Hingham and Weymouth Authorized

June 14, 1775.


Whereas this Committee, are informed that Dr˙ How, of Andover, is prepared to receive, and well skilled in such disorders as Daniel Adams, of Boston, sent on the 13th instant to the Town of Woburn, is affected with; therefore,

Resolved, That the Selectmen of the Town of Woburn be, and they hereby are released from the keeping Said Daniel Adams the Town of Woburn, and they are required to provide a horse and carriage, with provisions, to forward the said Adams to Andover, the expense of which will be paid by this Colony.

Resolved, That Daniel Adams, a lunatick now at Woburn be carried to the Town of Andover, and committed to the care of Dr˙How; and the said Dr˙ How is hereby desired to take proper care of the said lunatick, at the expense of this Colony.

The following Vote passed this Committee the 4th of May last, viz:

Moved and Voted, That the vote passed the 2d of May, respecting the raising of two Companies in Braintree, be reconsidered, and that the copy of said vote, together with the two enlisting papers, be ordered to be returned into the hands of said Committee of Safety.

And whereas a petition from, the Town of Braintree, Weymouth,and Hingham, hath this day been presented to this Committee, setting forth the exposed situation of those Towns, and praying for such relief and protection as may be thought proper; therefore,

Voted, That the Town of Braintree be hereby empowered to raise one Company, the Town of Hingham another


Company, and the Town of Weymouth half a Company, for the immediate defence of the sea-coast of said Town; the said two Companies and a half to be joined to such Regiment in future as they may be ordered to, should there be occasion, or discharged from service on the last day of December next, or sooner, if the publick safety will admit of it; and that the Selectmen of said Towns be respectively furnished with a copy of this vote and one set of beating orders.

A number of men belonging to the company of Captain Drury, having petitioned that they might be permitted to join some the Regiment commanded by Colonel Gardner, and others the Regiment commanded by Colonel Nixon and the Committee having considered their several requests,

Voted, As the opinion of this Committee, that said company be joined, to such Regiment as it shall appear the major pint of said company are in favour of when called upon for that purpose.

Resolved, That Captain White and Mr˙ Devens be a Committee to proceed to the house of Thomas Ireland, of Charlestown, and find out whether a certain infamous woman, who calls herself ˙ ˙ ˙ Jackson, be there, and if she can be found, order her to Head-Quarters, they being sent furnished with an order from the General for a file of men for that purpose.

General Heath having satisfied this Committee, that his Regiment is near full, a certificate was given him thereof, and it was recommended to the honourable Congress that his Regiment be commissioned accordingly.

Mr˙ Nathaniel Mullikin having represented to this Committee, that on the 19th of April last his house was plundered and burned by the Soldiery; at which time he lost a pair of silver shoe-buckles, which, he says, he is well informed is in the possession of a Sergeant of the Fifty-Second Regiment, now in Concord jail: It is the desire of this Committee that the Committee of Correspondence for said Town (with whom they think it properly belongs) would make inquiry into this matter; and if they find it to be as has been represented, that they would use their endeavours that the said Mullikin may have justice done him, by the delivery of said buckles.

Two Guins taken from John Boreland, Esquire' s house for the Colony service, were appraised by Messrs, Devens, Watson, and Orne, at twenty-seven. Shillings and thirty-three Shillings; which Guns were delivered William Hudson Bollard, for the use of his Company, and a receipt taken for the same in the rough minute book.

Upon reading a Letter from General Thomas, in favour of Captain Israel Henrick,

Resolved, That this Committee do not think the matter contained in said Letter comes within the commission of this Committee, therefore refer it to the honourable Congress.