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Letter from Captain Nicholson, suggesting the immediate necessity of sinking the Vessels in the Channel at Whetstone-Point Captain Phillips directed to attend immediately to the sinking of them


The following Letter was just now received from Captain Nicholson:

"March 11, 1776.

"Captain Nicholson thinks it absolutely necessary to have the craft sunk immediately to stop the channel opposite to Whetstone Point. The best method, he thinks, of doing it, he has already informed the Committee, which will be attended with little or no expense.


Resolved, That all the Vessels at Whetstone Point be immediately sunk, and that Captain James Phillips be empowered to superintend and direct the sinking of them.

Resolved, That Captain Isaac Vanbibber and Captain Thomas Elliott and Mr˙ William Spear, be appointed to take a list of the Vessels, together with an account of their sizes and ages, and, also, the names of the owners of them.