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Two Battalions of Minute-Men to be immediately embodied in Salisbury District, Field-Officers for the two Battalions


Resolved, That two Battalions of Minute-men be immediately embodied in the District of Salisbury, in the same manner as directed by the Congress, and that the following persons shall be, and are hereby appointed Field Officers of said Battalions, viz:

Of the First Battalion: Griffith Rutherford, Colonel; John Pfifer, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Paisly, Major.

Of the Second Battalion: Thomas Polk, Colonel; Adam Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel; Charles Maclaine, Major.

And that Commissions issue accordingly.

The Petition of William Gibbs being read, praying leave to ship a quantity of Naval Stores, which suffered in the late hurricane, and the same being taken under consideration was rejected, it being incompatible with the Resolves of the Continental Congress.

Resolved, That William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and John Penn, Esquires, Delegates for this Province at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, do purchase one Wagon and four good Horses in the Province of Pennsylvania, and hire a careful person to bring the same to Edenton, in this Province, with the Gunpowder, Drams, Colours, and Fifes, procured by them for the use of the Continental Troops stationed in this Province; and that the said Delegates are empowered to call upon the Continental Treasurer for the amount of the purchase of the Wagon and Horses, and paying the person to be employed by them to bring the same; to be charged to the Account of this Province.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.