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Recommendatory Passport to Brook Watson


A Letter from Mr˙ Brook Watson to the President, setting forth that he is going into Canada, mentioning his suite, and the Letters in his custody, and requesting such Letter from Congress as may facilitate his journey; and also a card from Lord and Lady Chatham, were read:

And thereupon a draught of a recommendatory Passport for the said Brook Watson and his suite, was prepared, read, and approved of, and is in the words following, to wit:

In Provincial Congress, New-York, June 20, 1775.

To all Officers in the service of the Colonies, Members of Committees, and others of the friends of AMERICAN liberty, greeting:

BRETHREN: Take notice that Mr˙ Brook Watson, now about to depart hence for the Province of Quebeck, having applied to this Congress for a passport, we, well convinced that the said Brook Watson is a true friend to this Country and its rights, do desire you to give him every assistance, and shew him all the civilities in your power, and that you forward him and his suite, being Messieurs Joseph Marie Tonnencour and Louis Perras, companions of the said Brook Watson, and Daniel McKinzie, his servant. We are, gentlemen, your humble servants.

By order and on behalf of the Congress.

Ordered, That a copy thereof be engrossed, and signed by the President, and countersigned by the Secretaries, and delivered to Mr˙ Brook Watson; and that Messrs˙ Morris, Richard Yates, Clarkson, and Low, be a Committee to wait on him, and receive of him such information as he can give that may be useful for the interest of America.