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Henry Daugherty and John Rice


Monday, July 17, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety. Present:

Benjamin Franklin, Anthony Wayne, Daniel Roberdeau, Robert White, Owen Biddle, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Robert Morris, George Gray, John Cadwalader:

Resolved, That Captain Henry Dougherty be appointed to the command of one of the Boats now building, and that Captain John Rice be appointed to the command of one other of the Boats now building.

Colonel Daniel Roberdeau reports to the Board, that there are proper guards appointed, agreeable to the third Resolve of the 15th instant.

The Committee appointed by the second Resolve of the 15th instant, report, that they went to the Jerseys, and conversed with many of the inhabitants, who seem willing to give every assistance in their power; that they will immediately furnish some Logs for building the Machines for the obstruction of the navigation; and that they propose to man one or two of the Boats for the defence of the River; and that some of the gentlemen will, in a few days, attend this Board.


Captain Tench Francis and Captain-Lieut˙ Bache made application to this Board for thirty or forty rifle-barrel Guns, for a number of men in their Company who have not Rifles, neither can they afford to purchase them.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Robert Morris be requested to apply to Captain Tench Francis and Captain-Lieutenant Bache, to assist him in providing eighty good Rifles, for the use of the Boats now building, a part of which are to be put into the hands of such men as Captain Francis, for this County, and Colonel Wayne, of Chester County, may engage to go as Minute-men on board the Boats, when required.