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County Committees to report, on the fourth Wednesday in May


The Honourable Mr˙ Dexter, who was appointed to bring in a Resolve expressive of the Vote of this Congress for altering the first meeting of the County Committees, reported; which. Report being read and amended, was accepted, and is as follows:

"Whereas, this Congress, on the twelfth day of this instant, April, appointed a Committee for each County, to receive from the Committees of Correspondence in such Counties a state of the conduct of the Towns and Districts with respect to their having executed the Continental and Provincial measures, for the preservation of this Country from slavery: And whereas the distressed circumstances of the Colony may probably render it very inconvenient that so great a number of Members should be absent from the Congress on the first Wednesday of May next, the day mentioned for their first meeting:

"Therefore, Resolved, That the first meeting of said Committees be postponed to the fourth Wednesday in said month, and it is recommended to the several Committees of Correspondence to render a true state of the conduct of their respective Towns and Districts, on the said fourth Wednesday of May accordingly, and especially with respect to their outstanding Province Rates; any thing contained in the former Resolve of this Congress, differing herefrom, notwithstanding."

Ordered, That the several County Committees be, and they hereby are, directed to inform the Committee of Correspondence of the several Counties of the purport of the foregoing Resolve.

Ordered, That the Secretary be, and he hereby is, directed to notify the Chairman of each of the said County Committees of the purport of the said Resolve.