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Letter to Committee at Little River


In Congress, Friday evening, November 10, 1775.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

The Committee to whom the Letter from the Committee at Little River was referred, reported.

Ordered, That the following answer be written to the said Committee:

In Congress, Charlestown, November 10, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Your letter of the 15th of September, directed to the Committee of Intelligence, was produced to the General Committee the 23d of that month; and enclosed are the minutes from the journals thereon, by which you will perceive that James Hamilton became a subscriber to the Association previous to your complaints against Daniel Robins being laid before the General Committee; therefore that part of your allegation could no longer subsist, on the principle we would wish to observe, of making forgiveness the consequence of repentance: other part of your charge against Robins seems not to have been much attended to, the General Committee viewing the matter as we now do, to have been wholly cognizable by your Committee.

And in answer to your last, of the 23d ult˙, directed to the General Committee, we mention, that observing your readiness to serve your country in other respects, and as it calls on you to be a District Committee, your resignation cannot be admitted. And we would now hint to you, if Robins behaves contumaciously, he is still in your power, clothed with authority, as you are, equal to other District or Parochial Committees.

The necessary attention will be paid to your application for a supply of gunpowder, and what money you have advanced for the publick will be repaid on application of either of your members.

Ordered, That the said Letter be engrossed, signed by Mr˙ President, and sent to the Little River Committee.

Ordered, That the Little RiverCommittee be supplied with fifty pounds weight of Gunpowder, and a proportionable quantity of Lead.