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Complaint of Michael Conner against Jacob Petterman and others, Committee appointed to inspect into the state of the stores,


In Council of Safety, September 19, 1776.

Present: David Rittenhouse, Vice President, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, John Moore, Joseph Blewer, James Cannon, Samuel Cad˙ Morris, Owen Biddle, John Bayard, Fred˙ Kuhl, John Bull, Timothy Matlack, John Hubley, Henry Keppele, Jun˙, George Gray.

The Vice President being under a necessity to attend the Convention, Colonel Bayard was requested to take the chair.

An Order was drawn on Mr˙ Nesbitt for £400, in favour of Ross & Ega, on account of Cannon-Shot cast by them for this State; to be charged to their Account.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay John Stetler & Co˙ £10, on account of work done; to be charged to Thos˙ Nevill' s Account.

Resolved, That Captain Daniel Joy be desired to examine and prove a number of Cannon at Mr˙ Philips' s Rope Walk, and report to this Board whether they are fit for service.

Mr˙ Owen Biddle reports that he has sent the following articles to Colonel Brodhead, for the use of the Pennsylvania Troops, viz: 169 pair of Breeches, 288 pair yarn Stockings, 158 pair drilling Spatterdashes, 59 Jackets, 107 pair Shoes, 93 Blankets.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay John Knox £19 4s˙1 1/2d˙, for Rum supplied workmen on board the galleys Congress and Franklin.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay Messrs˙ Moulder & Coats £161 19s˙ 5d˙, being the balance of their Account for building a Magazine ; to be charged to Congress.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay John Clawges and William Rifter £13 18s˙ 5d˙, for repairing Arms at Camp; to be charged to Congress.

Resolved, That Mr˙ John Coburn be directed to appear before the Board to — morrow morning at one o' clock, to render an account of all the necessaries he has had in his care for sinking the Chevaux-de-Frise and the Piers at Fort-Island, and also to settle his Account.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay Captain Marshall' s Account, £5 10s˙, for a Musket.

James Welsh, a month' s wages, he being sick and in Town, £2 10s˙. Peter Kline, for a Gun, &c˙, £4, delivered to Mr˙ W˙Scull, A˙ D˙ Q˙ M˙ G˙ at the Flying-Camp.

Mr˙ Michael Conner exhibited a complaint against Jacob Petterman, John Slice, and C˙ Roreman, of New-Providence Township, who, with several others, had assaulted and threatened him so as to put him in fear of his life and property: Whereupon the Secretary was ordered to issue summonses to be served on the said Peterman, Slice, and Roreman,to be and appear before the Board on Tuesday morning next at ten o' clock, to answer the complaint of said Michael Conner, and to give directions to the Constable to serve them.

Resolved, That Colonel Bayard, Captain Gurney,


Mr˙Sam˙ Cad˙ Morris, and Mr˙ Owen Biddle, be a Committee to inspect into the state of the Artillery Stores, Arms, Accoutrements, and Ammunition, belonging to this State, and report to this Board the situation of the same, and what further supplies of each are necessary to be made; and Mr˙Robert Towers is required to give them assistance in performing this business.

Resolved, That James Maul be appointed a Pilot to carry Vessels through the Chevaux-de-Frise, in the room of Daniel Gordon,, deceased, No˙ 6.

The Council adjourned to seven o' clock P˙ M˙, when the following Members met:

John Bayard, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Timothy Matlack, Fred˙ Kuhl, John Moore, James Cannon, John Bull, Francis Gurney, Samuel Cad˙ Morris.

A Commission was filled up for Mr˙ Isaac Cox.

Resolved, That Indented Servants and Apprentices ought not to be inlisted for the Flying — Camp of this State without consent of their Masters and Mistresses, in writing; and that all such who have been inlisted heretofore shall be discharged on the application of their Masters and Mistresses for that purpose.