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Order Respecting Peter Vroom


Friday, March 1, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

The Congress having resumed the consideration of the charge exhibited against Peter Vroom,

Resolved, That said Peter Vroom pay the costs of the present prosecution, to be taxed by the Township Committee of Piscataway, and give obligation, with surety, to the Chairman of said Committee, in the sum of one hundred and fifty Pounds, for his good behaviour in future; that he yield up to said Chairman all his arms, and weapons of defence, to remain in custody of said Chairman, until the said Committee shall deem it proper to redeliver them; and on non-compliance herewith, that said Vroom be committed to the keeper of the common Jail of the County of Middlesex, who is hereby ordered to keep him in close confinement, during such non-compliance.

The Congress proceeded to the election of Officers for the two Companies of Artillery, when the following persons were chosen:

Frederick Frelinghuysen, Captain; Daniel Neil, Captain-Lieutenant; Thomas Clark, First Lieutenant; and John Heard, Second Lieutenant, of the Eastern Company. Samuel Hugg, Captain; Thomas Newark, Captain-Lieutenant; John Westcott, First Lieutenant; and Joseph Dayton, Second Lieutenant, of the Western Company.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Carey and Mr˙ Clark be a Committee to prepare an Ordinance for raising two Companies of Artillery in this Colony, and providing for their pay and subsistence.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Carey and Mr˙ Clark be a Committee to draw the form of a Bond to be executed by the Treasurers.