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Committee Appointed to Consider the Conduct of Colonel Thompson


Monday, June 26, 1775.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to consider the Petition of Mr˙ Edward Parry, and the Report of Colonel Thompson relative to his conduct at Kennebeck, be directed to consider his, the said Thompson' s, conduct at Falmouth, with respect to Captain Mowatt and Captain Coulson, and his laying Mr˙ Bernard under bonds.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to deliver out Commissions, be directed to draw a fair list of all those officers in the Army who have been commissioned, which list shall be attested by the Secretary and transmitted to General Ward.

A Letter from the Committee of Safety, proposing that the Congress should appoint two persons to superintend the


supply of the Army, was read, and committed to the Committee who have under consideration the regulation of the Army.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pickering, Mr˙ Nye, and Mr˙ Fisher, be a Committee to inquire into the state of the Towns' stocks of Ammunition, in the Counties of Worcester and Hampshire, and that said Committee sit forthwith.

Ordered, That all the Commissions for the Officers of the Train be forthwith signed by the Secretary, (except John WiIey' s, Samuel Gridley' s, and John Cullender' s,) and sent to the Committee of Safety.

Ordered, That no Handles be made to Spears or other weapons of war, or any tools for the use of the Army, of Chestnut, or any other brittle wood.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to inquire into the grounds of a report which has prevailed, that there has been treachery in some of the Officers of the Army, be directed to proceed in their inquiries.

Ordered, That Colonel Porter, Colonel Gerrish, and Captain Thatcher, be a Committee to consider and report to whom the Arms obtained by a Committee of Congress shall be delivered, and when distributed, how the person receiving them shall be made accountable.

Resolved, That every person who has in possession any of the Precepts lately issued by this Congress for calling a General Assembly, be desired to dele the word "warn," and in its stead insert the word "cause," and that Mr˙ Edes be desired, in his next Paper, to give notice of the mistake made, by printing the said word "warn," instead of the word "cause."

Resolved, That Major Fuller be desired immediately to go home to get the returns of the Towns' stocks of Ammunition.