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Proceedings of the Connecticut Committee of Safety


This Board being informed that the Treasury of this Colony is exhausted of Money, by the many expenditures thereof, in various ways, for the support of the common rights of the United Colonies, and in particular by a considerable sum being drafted and expended for payment of the Connecticut Forces under his Excellency General Washington, near Boston, with a view to quiet the soldiery, and engage them more cheerfully to re-engage in the service; and there being at this time very pressing demands upon the Treasury for considerable sums, in order to furnish and fit out the Battalion now raising, for reinforcing the Continental Army in Canada, and, also, three Regiments raising for recruiting said General Washington' s Army, and without a present supply it will be impracticable to send off said how raising Troops, and there being no other apparent way to obtain it,

It is, therefore, Resolved, and Ordered, That any one of the Committee of Pay-Table, viz: William Pitkin, Thomas Seymour, Ezekiel Williams, Oliver Ellsworth, Esqs˙, or either of them, with such assistance as they shall judge necessary, repair forthwith to his Excellency General Washington, set before him the nature and necessity of the case, and request of him to pay and replace the sum and sums which said Committee lately paid and advanced out of our Treasury, towards the pay and wages of said Forces in his camp by his approbation. And said Pitkin, ċ, or either of them, is hereby authorized and empowered to receive the said sum, and the same, as soon as possible, lodge with the Treasury of this Colony, for the uses aforesaid, taking his receipts therefor.