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Connolly will be at Pittsburgh


The subscribers, patentees of land, at the Falls of the Ohio, hereby inform the public, that they intend to lay out a Town there in the most convenient place. The lots to be eighty feet front, and two hundred and forty deep. The number of lots that shall be laid off at first, will depend on the number of applications. The purchase money of each lot to be four Spanish dollars, and one dollar per annum quit rent, for ever. The purchasers to build within the space of two years from the first day of December next, on each lot, a log house, not less than sixteen feet square, with a stone or brick chimney; and, as in that country, it will be necessary the first settlers should build compactly, the improvements must naturally join each other. It is further proposed, for the convenience of the settlers, that an out lot, of ten acres, contigious to the town, shall be laid off for such as desire the same, at an easy rent, on a long lease.

Attendance will be given by the patentees at Pittsburg, till the middle of June, at which time one of them will set off to execute the plan. The advantageous situation of that place, formed by nature as a temporary magazine, or repository, to receive the produce of the very extensive and fertile country on the Ohio and its branches, as well as the necessary merchandise suitable for the inhabitants that shall emigrate into that country, (as boats of fifty tons may be navigated from New Orleans up to the town,) is sufficient to recommend it; but when it is considered how liberal, nay, profuse, nature has been to it otherwise, in stocking it so abundantly, that the slightest industry may supply the most numerous family with the greatest plenty and amazing variety of fish, fowl, and flesh; the fertility of the soil, and facility of cultivation, that fit it for producing commodities of great value with little labour; the wholesomeness of the waters, and serenity of the air, which render it healthy; and when property may be so easily acquired, we may with certainty affirm that it will in a short time be equalled by few inland places on the American continent.


WILLIAMSBURG, April 7, 1774.