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Breast work ordered to be thrown up immediately at the point below Jesse Hollingsworth' s


At a meeting of the Committee, Thursday, March 7, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Lux, Vice-Chairman, Andrew Buchanan, William Buchanan, John Moale, John Smith, John Cockey, John Boyd, Jeremiah T˙ Chase, William Lux, Secretary pro tempore.

Resolved, That a Breastwork be immediately thrown up at the Point, below Jesse Hollingsworth' s, and that the Money in Mr˙ Moale' s hands be appropriated to defray the expense attending it.

The Committee are unanimously of opinion, and do direct, that all the light Vessels in the Harbour be immediately carried down to Whetstone, in order to be sunk in the Channel to prevent the Vessels-of-War from coming up; and Messrs˙ Isaac Grist, Captain William Chace, Captain Thomas Moore, George Woolsey, and David Stewart, together with Major Gist, are appointed for that purpose.

Resolved, That an Express be instantly sent to Philadelphia, to the Congress, for an immediate supply of Powder and Lead.

Several Expresses arrived with information of the Man-of-War and her Tenders being past Annapolis, and standing up the Bay, and, also, that she is at the mouth of the River.