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Elias Haskilt Derby, a Member of the House, Charged with Importing Coffee


It having been represented to this House that Mr˙ Elias Haskitt Derby, a Member of this House had, contrary to the Association of the Continental Congress, imported Coffee and Other things from the English West-India Islands:

Ordered, That Captain Foster, Mr˙ Bryant, and Captain Eves, be a Committee to repair immediately to Salem to make full inquiry into the matter, and to direct the attendance of the said Derby to his duty in this House.

Ordered, That the Doorkeeper immediately apprehend Mr˙ Abiel Wood, and him hold in safe custody until the further order of this House.

The Report of the Committee of both Houses, appointed to examine into the conduct of Abiel Wood and Jonathan Williamson, of Pownalborough, accepted by the honourable Board, was read and non-concurred, and ordered to be recommitted.

On a motion, Ordered, That Mr˙ Cooper, Captain Batchelder, Mr˙ Hopkins, Mr˙ Philllps, and Colonel Thompson, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve for the purpose of establishing Committees of Correspondence in the several towns in this Colony.

Ordered, That a message go to the honourable Board, informing them that this House propose to come to the choice of the Sea-Coast Officers, for the Town of Gloucester, agreeable to a late Resolve of this court.

Accordingly, Jedediah Foster, Esquire, came down and informed the House that the honourable Board agreed to


the said proposal; and at the same time brought down the Heads of a Militia Bill, with the following Vote of Council thereon, viz;

In Council, December 15, 1775: Read, and concurred, with the amendments following, viz: at A, in the 1st, 3d, 7th and 8th Heads add, "or the major part of them."

Read, and concurred, with the amendments proposed.

In the House of Representatives, December 15, 1775.

Whereas, by papers and depositions now before this House, relating to Abiel Wood, of Pownalborough, in the County of Lincoln, merchant, who is now in the custody of the Doorkeeper of this House, there is great reason to believe that the said Wood has been, within the summer past, acting in open violation to the Association entered into by the Members of the honourable Congress of America, in behalf of their constituents; and that the said Wood has used his influence to discourage the people, as well from obeying the present Government of this Colony, as uniting in the cause of their country, and thereby has given reason to suspect him to be a person unfit to go at large.

Therefore, Resolved, That the said papers and affidavits be laid before the honourable Council of this Colony, and that the said Council be, and they hereby are requested to take into custody the said Wood, and bring him before them, and deal with him in such manner as may be for the security of this Colony and all America; and that he may be so secured as that he cannot hereafter use his influence to discourage the people of this Colony in manner as aforesaid.