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Wallkill, (New-York) Committee



At a Meeting of a great number of the most respectable Freeholders of the Precinct of the Wallkill, in the County of Ulster, January 30th, 1775, a Committee of five being chosen, viz: Abimael Young, James Wilkins, Hezekiah Gale, Moses Philips, and Henry Wisner, Jun˙; of whom Abimael Young was chosen Chairman:

Resolved, 1. That it is the opinion of this meeting, that we most heartily approve of the Association, and acquiesce in all the other measures entered into by the General Congress; and that we will use all prudent measures in our power to render the same effectual.

A certain Pamphlet entitled "Free Thoughts on the Resolves of the Congress," &c˙, under the signature of "A˙ W˙ Farmer," dated November 16, being then produced and publickly read, it was,

Resolved, 2. That it is replete with falsehoods, artfully calculated to impose upon the illiterate and unthinking, to frustrate the Resolves of the Congress, and to destroy the union so necessary for the preservation of our constitutional liberty, therefore,

Resolved, 3. That the said Pamphlet, in abhorrence and detestation of such infamous publications, be now burnt, and that the authors, publishers, and circulators of such performances be henceforth deemed enemies to their country.

Which Resolves being unanimously approved, the above Pamphlet was burnt accordingly.

Ordered, That the Resolves be printed.